We couldn’t have said it any better!

“Using Craft Canning was the best decision I’ve made for my packaging needs. Our previous vendor was never on time, had high DO levels, and would have significant waste, and sometimes even crooked labels. With Craft we never have an issue. Their employees are professional, responsive, and well informed about how to best package our beer and cider!”

– Joel VandenBrink, CEO/Founder
Two Beers Brewery

“I’ve known Craft Canning from the start. The folks there have been extremely professional and exceptionally thorough. They take the utmost care in making sure that the product we have in our tanks tastes exactly the same when it comes out of the can. I literally have no complaints about anything that they have ever done for our brewery. Even now, after purchasing a Wild Goose canning line through their company, they still go out of their way to help us keep it running at the same efficiency as they do. I would not hesitate to use Craft in any capacity. They have been one of the best companies with which we work.”

– Jeff Schauland, Head Brewer

Silvermoon Brewing

“We’ve been happy customers for over three years. That in itself says quite a bit. Bottling has always been a smaller part of our business, so it hasn’t made sense to get our own machine. The team have always made it easy for us to release our seasonal products.”

– Mark Kornei, CFO
Schilling Cider

“Craft Canning has been an essential partner to the Portland Cider Co. from the very beginning. The quality and value of their services have contributed to the exponential growth we have experienced since launching our ciders in 2013. We would not be where we are today without them.”

– Jeff Parrish, Owner/Master Ciderist
Portland Cider Co.

“The team at Craft Canning are true professionals, and very easy to work with.”

– Scott Lawrence, Founder

Breakside Brewing

“We’ve been using Craft Canning for longer than I can remember. These guys always show up on time, ready to get the job done – they even smell nice. What more could you ask for in a mobile packaging company? Seriously though, these guys are the real deal when it comes to putting beer in a can.”

– Matt McClung, Founder

Schooner Exact